The Cat Walking Men of Murang’a

The Cat Walking Men of Murang’a

The 7 Mighty Men

“This is going to be my early Christmas,” that’s what she said when I met her with her prince charming at Pekeshe Coffee Masters restaurant along the famous Mama Ngina Street in the Nairobi CBD. 

It was our first meeting and the only meeting before the ruracio. I could read the excitement on her face. She had luggage, lots of luggage. The kind of luggage that you only carry when you look forward to a big event. The groom was calm, calm as a cat. The streets were empty with only a few people minding their own business. Outside the restaurant were three college students filming an interview. And as the norm is, there was that one curious security guard who would make rounds behind the scene perhaps to be caught on camera. 

We talked about many things before we delved into the topic of the day. We talked about politics, about the economic state of the country, about how we wished that the streets that were that empty everyday and about many other things. 

It was on a Thursday and the ruracio was set for Saturday.

And a ruracio it was. A one of its kind ruracio in a boma that stood amidst two counties, the houses in the compound sitting comfortably in Murang’a County and the gate marking the start of Kiambu County. 

A passerby would have easily confused the function for a wedding. The decor was well done and the lady of the day looked stunning in a yellow dress topped up with a veil of the same color. The suitor had a cream long-sleeved shirt with a touch of black and yellow on the left  side and a brown trouser that sat well above his brown shoes. He was a man on a mission.

The Mc of the day was charming! At one time after a group which he referred to as the ‘7 Wise Men’ failed to guide Brian who was blindfolded in his quest to find his bride, he instructed them to cat walk as a punishment. They all looked surprised. There was a bit of reluctance but the Mc used his word prowess to make them do it. First to cat walk was this big man in a long-sleeved blue shirt and black trouser. He did his thing and the crowd loved him.  My personal best was this rastaman who upon getting to the bride, stopped, removed his hair band and swung his head making his hair move at 360 degrees. There were cheers and ululations. 

Unlike many other ruracios where a goat is slaughtered and then the relevant parts used in the marriage ritual, this particular ruracio had a cake, not one, but two cakes. 

At the end of the day, it was time for the millennials to put their dancing skills to use. And they didn’t disappoint. One particular dancer who had a pregnancy which appeared to be 6 months old stole the day. She took the crowd by surprise with her energy as she led the dance slaying all the possible dancing styles including Shaku, Gwara gwara, Odi dance among others. And when Brian and Afrikana took to the dance floor, they lit up the place!

A day it was.

And we wish Brian and Afrikana all the best!

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  1. When I first got to see your “writing”you were a kid….Nd you still a kid Atleast you are to me…
    Nd I must say how proud I am of you….From writing Nd to this….
    I’ll just tell you what I keep telling my daughter…SKY IS THE LIMIT…KICK ASS….ND KEEP SHOWING US WHAT YOU GOT….

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