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We Craft Experiences that help Brands and Individuals stand out.

01/ Innovate

New and unique is what you deserve. Clarity Media believes that there is no best way to create a clear cut between you and the rest and to bring out the differentiation factor if not through inventing something new just for you. We don't believe in recycling of ideas.

02/ create

Elegance is at the peak of all our productions. Through the invention stage, the team brainstorms on new or on how to improve the existing idea into a wonderful executable creation. The visuals created by Clarity Media Communicate, Excite and possess the 'x factor'.

03/ Grow

At Clarity Media, our creation is crafted with growth in mind. We create for the eye and for the mind. In all our end products, we aim at creating positive and high end regarded perceptions in the minds of the target audience. We work towards helping you grow your brand.

About Company

Clarity Media is an all rounded media company that aims at helping individuals and companies grow their brands in ways that not only stick them into the minds of the target audience but transform them into that which people talk about and want to relate with.

We are founded on three basic principles: Innovation, Creation and Growth.

Clarity Media believes in providing you with a strong visual identity. It is for this reason that we work dedicatedly to match client specific needs so as to create a differentiation between your brand from the rest. Clarity Media takes pride in it's creative team that seamlessly translate one idea into a solid real world experience to bring out a visual identity that communicates as clear as plain daylight.


The company's Vision is to see a world where everyone is able to get quality professional media services at an affordable price.


Our Mission is to create for the eye that which sticks in the mind. We aim at using our expertise to serve you well and to create a memorable visual aspect for you and your brand.

Core Values

The company's Core Values include: Innovation, Creativity, Integrity And Ethics, Professionalism and Growth.

Why Choose Clarity Media?

The creative team at Clarity Media seamlessly translate one idea into a solid real world experience that brings out a visual identity that communicates as clear as the daylight.

Individual Services

Clarity Media offers a range of services to individuals including: Wedding Coverage, Pregnancy Photography, Video Editing Classes, Party Coverage and Funeral Coverage.

A wedding is one of the most memorable moments in the life of a couple. It's one of those moments that many believe that if it wasn't captured then it didn't happen. Clarity Media is your most preferred partner when it comes to wedding coverage. We are always there to capture aech and every moment.
Each one of us is by chance running a vlogging channel. It might be an entertainment, beauty, how-to-do-it or a channel on a totally different topic. Appearing professional in terms of video and sound quality and with professional lower thirds on your vlogs is the key to growing your vlog.
At Clarity Media, we believe in passing on our experience onto the next creative generation. It is for this reason that we open our doors to form four leavers, college students and those fresh out of campus so as to get hands on experience while training with with us. Join us and build your career with us.
Online presence has become the selling point of all businesses;big and small. Clarity Media helps you develop and design your dream website, neatly done and fully responsive with all devices.
Losing a loved one takes away a part of us. Clarity Media helps you capture the final journey of your loved one.

Corporate Services

Clarity Media is distinctively a media production powerhouse. The young, creative and dedicated team at Clarity Media ensures top-notch and quality delivery of services to you. Through years of experience and passion for what we do, we continue to evolve with the ever changing scopes in the media industry in ways that make our end products last a lifetime.
Services Offered Include: Production of TV Adverts, Motion Graphics, Kinetic Typography, Professional Photography, Corporate Event Coverage, Production of Documentaries.


The team at Clarity Media creates videos with a distinct purpose. Not only do we produce videos to meet the client specific needs, but we offer professional advice so as to ensure that the end product matches the needs of the ideal consumer.


'A picture is worth a thousand words' so they say. Clarity Media believes that a good photo speaks a thousand words and more. Creativity in subject composition blended with proper lighting and post production guarantees quality photos.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is an essential part of displaying instructional videos. Phone Applications operations are best visually communicated through motion graphics which essentially help the user to easily understand the app operation process.

Kinetic Typography

In this millennial era, flashy fancy messages communicated through kinetic typography are more welcome compared to communicating through print. Kinetic Typography gives you freedom to put that long message into visual type.

Vlogging Videos

The ever growing demand for how-to-do-it, entertainment, comedy, educational, beauty, fitness, footabll, product review and videos on various topics from the global masses has made YouTube a safe heaven for many vloggers.


Throught the production process, our team's creativity and client engagement ensures that the documentaries, features and mini-documentaries produced by Clarity Media vividly communicate the intended information.

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